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Just In: Biafra Group Accuses Ohaneze, South East Governors of Rape, Killings in Igboland

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According to The Biafra Restoration Voice, TBRV,

“The South East governors and ohanaeze ndi politicians namely, Dave Umahi, Okezie Ikpeazu, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyim, Willie Obiano, Hope Uzodinma and Nnia Nwodo are the ones killing our people in Igbo land.

They are also the cause of all the RAPES and reason the rapists are raping our mothers and sisters, which has been going on in every part of Igbo land.

This is because they are the ONES and the FIRST gang that illegally proscribed IPOB which paved way for the occupational government of Nigeria to also illegally tag IPOB terrorists group, which of course was rejected by the international communities, USA, UN, EU, etc.

And since that illegal tag, the Fulani security agents have been illegally killing our people with impunity without any crime. And NONE of these governors and Nnia Nwodo have come out openly to condemn those KILLINGS and RAPES that has been happening before their eyes in their different States or have done anything tangible to put a stop to it. That shows how complicit and evil minded they are, and that they actually signed those deaths and mayhem that has been happening in our land.

So, for every death and every person that terrorists herdsmen, the security forces ARRESTED, KIDNAPPED, ABDUCTED, IMPRISONED, INJURED, RAPED AND KILLED since 2017 till date, and until they publicly come out to denounce, renounce and announce the removal of that ILLEGAL proscription on the peaceful IPOB, EVERYBODY SHOULD HOLD Dave Umahi, Okezie Ikpeazu, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyim, Willie Obiano, Hope Uzodinma and Nnia Nwodo AND FAMILY RESPONSIBLE AND ACCOUNTABLE for all these ethnic cleansing by Fulani security forces that has been happening and ongoing in our sacred Igbo land. “For evil that men do lives with them and after them”.

And consequent upon the above, I call on every well meaning and BLOODED Igbo person, home and abroad, all Igbo groups, home and abroad, all Igbo women groups, home and abroad, all Igbo Youth groups, home and abroad, World Igbo Congress, etc, to brace up to the realities on ground and rise up in their strength in defence of our people and our land against these evil minded governors, Nnia Nwodo ohanaeze before it is too late and demand for their resignation and prosecution for signing the deaths of our people and our mothers and sisters to be raped through their criminal silence, evil actions and inactions.

Written by
Her Excellency Oluchi Christy Enyinnaya
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice – TBRV

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