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Nnamdi Kanu Mocks ‘Dancing Osinbajo’ During Adeboye’s Visit

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According to the IPOB leader

“Because I demanded for explanation about Osinbajo’s whereabouts during my last broadcast, the Fulani deceiving Jihadists in Aso Rock quickly compiled these poorly photoshopped pictures to keep deceiving themselves and their gullible 200 million. #deepfake videos and pictures will not hide the fact that Buhari is dead and replaced by #HoleInBuhariNeck hyper-realistic mask wearing body doubles. Nigga-eria is indeed the most useless colonial contraption on this earth.

Pic 1. The hand of the person holding the curtain is clearly that of a lady. Why they felt the need to photoshop this frame in I have no idea.

Pic 2. The woman has now transformed into a man and Osinbajo is now dancing Ajasco with his badly photoshopped twisted leg. What a joke! Are Nigga-erians this stupid? Since when did Osinbajo turn into a dancer?

Pic 3. The woman that transformed into a man in a blue suit in the 2nd picture is now wearing a bage coloured suit as a result of heavy picture editing. What a shame! Does it mean Nigga-erians don’t have eyes or a functioning brain?

They can keep deceiving their fellow animals in the Zoo not we educated and reasonable people in IPOB.

Where is the live video of this so-called meeting? None!” he wrote.

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