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Just In: Umahi Speaks On Pay Cut for EBSU Staff Ahead of Resumption

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ABAKALIKI – Governor David Umahi on Tuesday maintained that the workforce of Ebo­nyi State University (EBSU) must be downsized in order to resolve the challenges fac­ing the university.

Umahi who spoke during the swearing-in of the 13 new­ly elected Local Government council chairmen, the vice chairmen and other appoin­tees at the Ecumenical Centre, Abakaliki, said on the alter­native, the university workers should accept a pay-cut.

He recalled that when the Federal University Ndu­fu-Alike Ikwo (FUNAI) had a similar challenge, their workers accepted 20 percent pay-cut for one year.

Umahi lamented that EBSU was overstaffed, and urged that something must be done, saying, “We don’t have such luxury.”

He added, “I appeal to EBSU. They must make sacrifices. I am happy that board members are here. When FUNAI, a Federal in­stitution was challenged, ev­ery worker there sacrificed 20 percent of the salaries for one year.


“EBSU must make sac­rifices. EBSU must reduce their workforce and those being reduced, I can give them money under SME to start businesses.

“EBSU is the highest in employment in the country for private or state universi­ties. We don’t have such lux­ury. When you make sacrific­es, we will make sacrifices.

“If you don’t want to make sacrifices, we will not make sacrifices. If in 9 subjects, you scored A1 in seven subjects and got F9 in two subjects, are you not an A student? So, if they don’t want us to score A there, we are willing to allow them mark us whatever they want to mark us.

“But, we are willing to support EBSU to make sac­rifices; to ensure that her staff and their families are paid their salaries.”

NGstudents Team Cares….. 

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