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School Reopening: EKSU Releases Resumption Template For Students, Staffs

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In Nigeria right now, the educational sector is gradually getting back its normal vibrate self, during the first week of September, 2020 the Federal government announced that all schools across the country can reopen when they feel that they are well equipped in case of any casualties.

Following the direction given by the federal government, Lots of states in the country have revealed their plans towards the reopening of schools in their states and lots of them have released their resumption dates for primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.

On the 5th of September, the academic broad of Ekiti State University released an official plan towards the the reopening of the school.

It was stated that the University is currently and seriously working towards reopening school to continue the academic.

EKSU also announced that two committee have being put in place to handle the logistics towards reopening school. It was stated “There are two main sectors the University has to handle such as : 1) E-learning 2) lecture room size.”

They announced that a lecture room size should be between 25-50 students, all students MUST use their face masks, also the University has arranged hand sanitizers and washers at strategy areas within the school and lots of other plans.

By seeing this message all EKSU students from 100lvl to 600lvl should be notified that that the University will reopen soonest, so they should prepare well.

NGstudents Team Cares….. 

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1 Comment on School Reopening: EKSU Releases Resumption Template For Students, Staffs

  1. As a parent,am totally in support of the decision made by ASUU.With the little I know about Nigerian public schools,the government has a lot to do but they deliberately close their eyes towards Education and its environment.
    Reopening of Nigerian schools,especially, the public schools, is like sending our children to war without weapons. That means”suicide”.
    They are the future of our great nation.please, preserve their lives.Government should give listen hears to ASUU and proper attention to public Nigerian schools before reopening of schools. “To stay alive is better than death” Thanks


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