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COVID-19: Nigeria’s CDC Figures are false – NMA Opens Up

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The Chairman, Nigerian Medical Association Committee on COVID-19 in Lagos, Dr. Japhet Olugbogi says the current figures of COVID-19 cases in the country announced by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control is not a correct reflection of the viral pandemic in the country.

Speaking in a live TV programme on Tuesday, Olugbogi noted that Nigerians are already fatigued about COVID-19 and are no longer coming forward for testing.

He said: “What is happening is general fatigue. We are having fatigue of the citizenry on COVID-19.

“Therefore the figures you are seeing are not correct. The reason they are not correct is not that someone is manipulating them. But, because they are not true pictures of things.

“This is because while the government has increased the capacity for testing in all states…what is happening is that people have the fatigue of coming out to get tested.

“I think that is not unconnected to the fact that not many people are dying from the virus anymore. So, people erroneously think has gone away from Nigeria”.


Dr. Olugbogi, however, warned that COVID-19 is still very much around in the country.

“COVID-19 has not gone away from Nigeria. We still have COVID-19 in the community. There is still community transmission going on right now.

“However, what is happening is that we now have more information about COVID-19 and people are doing home-based treatment and care.

“Also, a lot of people with the condition are asymptomatic. They don’t even know they have COVID-19 because they can recover. So, because of that people are not coming forward for testing.

“Therefore, because we are not testing enough we cannot get large figures to be published by the NCDC,” Olugbogi said.

The Lagos NMA COVID-19 Committee chairman also disclosed that most of the isolation centres in the state have been closed.

“Most of the isolation centres have been closed because there are no patients there. I think the only one that is still in operation is the IDH in Yaba. People are no more in the isolation centres unlike before.

“This may not be unconnected to the fact that there is more information now and more knowledge about COVID-19. So we are dealing and coping with it better.

“That is a good thing for us in Nigeria. It means as we are dealing better with the condition, a lot of the patients don’t need to be on oxygen or ventilators. So, the knowledge we have is helping us to manage it (COVID-19) better,” he said.


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1 Comment on COVID-19: Nigeria’s CDC Figures are false – NMA Opens Up

  1. I am surprised the Lagos State commissioner does not know that just as malaria and other diseases ,covid 19hsa come to dwell with is. in Nigeria. God is in control of bot the situation. Those of you feeding fat as s result of Covid 19 should find something else to do.


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