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UPDATE:”All Federal Institutions Can Resume With NUC Approval” – FG

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School resumption: Finally FG permits only federal schools to reopen while others till 2021.

Good morning to all my followers and readers. I hope everyone had a beautiful night sleep. Today been 18th September 2020, this article presents the latest update about schools resumption. It’s has been a great challenge about schools reopening due to the cause of Coronavirus nationwide. And students nationwide are eager to go back to schools to continue with their studies and the federal government are also working hard to put an end to Coronavirus before the resumption of schools.

According to newsmen, yesterday been 17th September 2020 the federal government gave new update about schools resumption. During the Presidential Task Force meeting in Abuja yesterday it was stated that, “all federal institutions are free to resume to schools if only National Universities Commission (NUC) grand them permission.”

Friends it’s very important to know that this update comes 14 days after the Presidential Task Force (PTF) stated 3rd September 2020 that schools will resume.

It was further disclosed that some states governors have taken measure concerning the reopening of schools and even declare 21 September 2020 as the date for schools resumption. Here are the names of the States: Oyo, Borno, Lagos, Ondo, Delta, Ebonyi, Kogi states. “But you need to know that their declarations about schools resumption only applies to foundation given by the state.”

However, this declarations by the Presidential Task Force (PTF) will only permits federal schools (Colleges of education, Polytechnics and Universities) to reopen and encourage all students to resume for their studies while others schools across the state still remain closed till 2021.





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