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Extract From Nnamdi Kanu Sunday, Sept 20th Broadcast

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“An opening prayer by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

“One of our own was almost beaten to death by Fulani JANJAWEED.

This evening I am going to start with Edo, because that name igodomigodo has lived up to its expectations.

I want to commend the people of igodomigodo, and of course Nyesom Wike who has thought us what the power of incumbency is all about.

We must also commend the U.S ambassador in the ZOO for once doing something good for the first time.

And it will go down in the history of the ZOO that godfatherism has gone to rest in Edo State.

They thought after going to the north and they tie bedsheet on your head and shout Allah Akbar then you become a Governor, well it is not gonna happen again.

They want to give an impression to the world that they can run a legitimate exams, but you know they are not capable of that.

So before you begin to clap for yourself you’ve done nothing, the only person that did something was the American ambassador in the ZOO.


All Fulanis holding big offices in custom because they are bringing in weapons.

If not the visa ban backed up by the U.S ambassador, maybe by now they would have declared the Alhaji Pastor the winner.

I want people to understand that it had to take the intervention of a white nation to change that.

I want our people to learn a lesson from the edo. I want our people to stand up to this illegal Governors.

One thing I love about Edo election is that the era of going and kneeling before JANJAWEED and they are shouting Allah Akbar on your head has gone.

The work we are doing, the tweet we are tweeting is making changes.

The only thing you can do is to open Twitter account and start following everybody.

America says no more helicopters to the ZOO, and we are doing the same with Russia.

It is the potency of our none stop social media onslaught.

This Fulani APC government are nothing by a draconian posses as a democracy.

Infact I am going to write to the U.S government to add the names of judges that installed Hope Uzodima as a supreme court Governor and ban them from traveling to the U.S.

The supreme court is part of the rigging method of the ruling party.

When we were studying the mindset of an igbo man we knew that a time like this will come, we knew that Efulefu will come, but at the end we shall prevail.

The only way to approach Fulani is to stand on your two feet and say to hell with you.

The reason why I said Biafra will come this year is to tease out internal Saboteurs within the struggle, and as soon as I said it that was the only thing they hold on to and I jettisoned them immediately.

If you want to catch a SABOTEUR you set a trap for them, once you set a trap for them they can’t handle themselves, they will start murmuring.

The only thing that the Fulani have is politics, they have nothing else to survive.

If we dealt with the British how much more a common filthy cattle rearing Fulani, you will die in our land.

What am saying to the world is that Hope Uzodima is in the same position as the Queen of England, because nobody voted for the queen, same as him.

Hope Uzodima wants to be the Sariki of imo state, that he can detain IPOB members without trial as long as he wants.

The idiots that passed this law in the house in Imo state claims that they are intellectual.

Do you see why I hate university education in the ZOO?

Section 9 of the ZOO constitution made it clear that every treaty entered into by the ZOO becomes the law of that land.

If it were not the work Uwa Sofia and Efe are doing I wouldn’t have known that igodomigodo is Igbo.

What we say here is the truth, if you come here we cure your stupidity.

They use IPOB members to make money, but one day you will use your
mouth to vomit that money.

Chief Boniface Nwokejim, and others, anywhere you see these men you give them IPOB treatment.

If you are a Biafran and they ask you to join them to go and arrest IPOB, anything that happen to you is entirely your business.

I am giving them 3 days to restore light in Ibeku or they will have to contain with us.

If your have bought a land near golden Guinea anything you build there must be demolished.

I thank you all for listening, and for those of you who knows what Biafra means to us, that Biafra is our Religion, and here on Radio Biafra is where we worship, from me from here , is Goodevening.

Edited by
Nwada Emmanuel Chisom (Ada Biafra)

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