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Oduduwa Republic: Yoruba Muslims Rejects Secession Calls

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OdYoruba Muslims reject Oduduwa republic, give reasons

The Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN), Lagos State chapter, have rejected the call for secession and the Oduduwa Republic in the South-West.

In a statement by the president of MSSN Lagos State Area Unit, Miftahudeen Thanni, the students described the call for secession as a “nation killer”.

While speaking on behalf of the students, Thanni warned those nursing the idea to “immediately bury it”, noting that it may lead to the many people losing their lives. “We are not ready to lose our members and there is no joy embarking on a killer mission.

”The agitators should please stop it and find another means to enrich themselves,” he warned.

He said, “We are not ready for another civil war or series of bloody clashes in the South-West. We are all a living witness to what is happening in the South-East region. Our focus should be on how to collaborate and build on our diversity.

“There has been reasonable growth and development in South-West compared to other parts of the country. It betrays reasonable thinking to hear that we want to create a problem that never existed.

“We vehemently reject this secessional move and selfish desire of a few persons who want to damage the peace enjoyed in the South-West.



”Those nursing the ambition are our enemies trying to cause commotion, riot, and crisis, and destabilise the entire country.”

“Many people around the world cherish South-West because of our ability to manage diversity and maintain peaceful co-existence. In fact, many people leave the North and other southern regions to South-West because of our coordination and unity, Why do some minority think they can reverse this overnight?

“As Muslims, we have been taught that humans are created in tribes and nations and we must not despise each other. We say no to secession or the Oduduwa Republic. South-West no be South-East!”

Daily Times reports that on Thursday, October 1, some Oduduwa Republic members protested.


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