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Health, Nutritional DOs and DON’Ts Of Diabetic, Hypertensive Patients

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Aproko Doctor from Twitter.

Doctor Aproko has educated Nigerians on the kind of oil to avoid if you are suffering from Diabetes or Hypertension.

If you have parents with hypertension or diabetes, be careful the cooking oil they use

As they get older, there is a risk of high cholesterol, because their bodies can’t clear cholesterol from the blood as well as they could when they were younger.

Let me explain.

Share for Awareness.

There are two kinds of fats in the blood

The good fat and bad fat

Good fat is called HDL, while the bad fat is called LDL.

The good fat absorbs cholesterol and carries it back to the liver, which then removes it from the body.

Bad fat just accumulates in your vessels.

When you go the market and get cooking oils from unknown sources, you might be raising your bad fat


Some of these sellers add things like shea butter, bleached palm oil that contain saturated fat that increases your bad fat and deposit in your vessels # Says NoToUnbrandedOil

Most of these unbranded oils become solid when left for a while.

When this happens, it simply means that they contain high amounts of saturated fat which raises your LDL, narrows your blood vessels, and can lead to a heart attack.

What oils do you use?

I have a family history of hypertension as many of you reading this, what I eat goes a long way to keeping my heart safe.

Just left to get another batch of Oil, that contains mostly unsaturated oils. Using them ensures that my bad fat is down and good fat is up.

Also because I am sure of the production. Some oil brands are hygienically produced in Nigeria with Nigerians in mind, and you don’t need a lot to cook, because of #LessIsMore.

Ensure you make the right choices in your cooking oil, you’d be saving your heart.


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