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Post Covid-19: NYSC Reopens Remobilization Portal

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This is to announce to you all that the NYSC official remobilization portal is now open. Those that need remobilization should hurry for registration before the portal is closed.

If you are NYSC batch A 2020 stream I or stream II, this is not your concern. Remobilization is meant for corps members who have absconded from service and the state has not taken appropriate action.

This means if you have been mobilized with previous NYSC batches and you were unable to complete your NYSC service year because of one thing or the other, you are the one to apply for remobilization.

Before you go for remobilization, read this official important details below if you are a married female Corps members.

Importance Notice!!
Female Married CM must upload the following documents after this application (keep them handy). However, if you were in Batch 2014B and below, Ignore this, you will upload necessary documents during registration.
1. Evidence of state of residence of husband
2. Evidence of Marriage (Marriage Ceriticate/Affidavit
3.Identity of husband (e.g Drivers license, National ID etc)
4. Newspaper change of Name
5. Letter from employer/Utility bills

If you are married, kindly take the information above seriously.

You should all also know that this application will go through an approval process, only approved applications would be eligible for registering for remobilization.

NOTE: Remobilization is meant for Corps members who absconded or refused to complete their NYSC service year. If you don’t fall to this category, this is not your business.

If you have any questions, use the comment box below.


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