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Biafra: My Demand List Presented To Buhari To End Agitation – Nnamdi Kanu

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This morning, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in today’s interactive Phone-in Live Radio Programme, in his response to a question put to him by a certain caller said:

“When I came out of prison, I went to Chief Nnia Nwodo’s house to meet with him. I had a private conversations with him. And afterwards, I had several telephone conversations with him. It didn’t stop there, I also sat down with all the South-East Governors and discussed with them about our plight, reminding them that if we should continue to beg Arewa for what we want, we will never get them.

Then they told me that Aso Rock has demanded to have the list of what I wanted to be done for our people before I can call off my Election Boycott in Anambra. I gave them the list which included:

(1) Reopening of Calabar, Warri and Igweocha (Port Harcourt) because there is something very wrong that our people have to take their cargoes from Lagos only when the same ship can always come down to all of these seaports in the south east.

(2) Completion of Onitsha Waterway Port.

(3) Building a new water way port at Lokoja to serve the people of that region.

(4) Reviving all the state owned moribund factories in the whole south east.

(5) Rehabilitations of Onitsha – Enugu and Enugu – Port Harcourt dual carriage ways.

Now based on the submissions which I gave them, the Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbajo called them for a meeting. They went without informing me. But the more annoying thing was that, instead of them to discuss the list of critical issues I listed for them, Nnia Nwodo and the governors armed themselves with their children’s CVs and went to Aso Rock to discuss about how to get employment for their own children. They never discussed any of the issues for the which they were invited over to Aso Rock to meet with the Vice President.

Do you know why? It was because they know that the cabal knew that Ohaneze Ndigbo and some criminal politicians were the ones who embezzled the funds meant for the rehabilitation of those roads, including some other projects.

They were ashamed and fearful that should they present such demands, it might not only mean for the cabal to asking them to go back and tell their people that they were the people who ate the money designated to them for the rehabilitation of those roads alone, but that it might end up spelling serious doom for them.

This was why they avoided discussing my listed demands. Then they came back and called me for another meeting at the Government House in Enugu, and I went.

There, the then DSS Director, Mamman Daura brought white bags of money containing millions of EURO and told me that once I call off Anambra elections boycott, they would give me all the money. But I told them No! I don’t need their money. Ask any of the governors, if you are in doubt. Meanwhile, in that meeting, the governor told me that Nnia Nwodo and Ike Ekweremadu were upstairs, and asking if I would want both men to come and join them in the meeting, and I said No. I asked the governors to ask them to go back to Aso Rock and get me what I demanded for our people, adding that only then can we celebrate our jamboree together.

That was when they realised that we are immovable and can never be bought over. And then Nnia Nwodo, Ike Ekweremadu and the south east governors conspired and sent the army to come and kill me and my parents.”

—Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

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2 Comments on Biafra: My Demand List Presented To Buhari To End Agitation – Nnamdi Kanu

  1. Aaron anthony igwe buike // __ October 10, 2020 at 8:23 AM // Reply

    In biafra we stand 😎


  2. Fulani people are buying our so called governors and our prominent leaders with money that why the can’t ask for their right in aso Rock and they will remains slave in there country because of Ghana must go bag but let them known that Yoruba people will never forget Awolowo family because of their father’s achievement to them


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