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School: Only 15 Institutions Will Obey FG’s Oct 12 Resumption Orders

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Various schools have annouced resumption dates, including universities, polytechnics and college of education, so it’s wise to know what’s happening. It’s been over 6 months since the emergence of Covid-19 which made students to stay at home. However over time, their stay at home has gradually become frustrating seeing that market places, churches and other establishments have been allowed to open.

However, I urge everyone to remember that ASUU had embarked on an indefinite strike before the virus emerged. The academic staff union of universities went on a strike as the government refused to meet their demands. And now, that the minister of education Adamu Adamu, has announced the resumption of all schools, it’s left to see what ASUU will do next.



Upon the announcement of the minister for all tertiary Institutions to resume, the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has insisted that classrooms won’t be open until their demands are meet. According to the Union’s president, he said “Federal government have the right to reopen every university in the country but they should know that lecturers also have the right to go back to classes or not. No salaries, no going back to classrooms”.

However, while ASUU have refused to resume, some other universities, polytechnics and college of educations have announced their resumption dates. Here is a list of schools that have announced their resumption dates…

1. Sokoto state University (12th October)

2. Abdul Gusau Polytechnics (12th October)



3. Kaduna State University (19th October)

4. Federal polytechnics, Kaura Namoda, Zamfara state (12th October)

5. Al-Qalam university (19th October, all students are to pay COVID-19 fees of N5000)

6. Yaba College of Technology (19th October)

7. Kwara State college of health (Returning students: 12th October while Fresh students: 20th October)

8. Kwara State University (12th October)

9. Airforce Institute of Technology, Kaduna state (12th October)

10. Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu state (12th October).

11. Kebbi state University of Science and Technology (19th October)

12. Waziri Umaru Polytechnics, Birnin-Kebbi (12th October)

13. Edo state Polytechnics ( 9th October)

14. Federal Polytechnics Offa, Kwara State (12th October)

15. Federal Polytechnics, Idah (10th October)

Who do you think should be blamed for the delay in resumption, ASUU or the federal government? And do you think it’s better for all schools to just resume next year?


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1 Comment on School: Only 15 Institutions Will Obey FG’s Oct 12 Resumption Orders

  1. Is better school to resumed next year how will student manage and each class might contains 60 or 70 student how Will social distances be maintain why is this government and ministers not thinking well
    beside many people are from different areas how on earth do we no Who has it or not this is just risking children life they said many females are pregnant that’s only if u fail to bring ur daughter up so well the value u install in her can never fade if ur children get involved in drugs that be cause of ur carelessness that because u did not train them. In a gud way and remember the day of judgment is coming lord will ask how u raised ur children and u shall answer so stop blaming covid 19 faced the reality .how will the poor manage many government school sit on the floor and they are 100 and more ,of them in the class how will social distances be maintain hear u guys just risking children life thou lord is the only protector and also the private school as well some sit four four some five some three sometimes no space to move u Guy’s are just not thinking straight the pple that are disturbing u to let their children in school are not serious we are also eager to go back to school but they said patients is the key to everything use ur head will the government and ministers or the president send their children to school now hmmmmmm I bet no beside January is like today only two month left before next year and we believed by God grace everything will be over think again don’t rush into any thing don’t look into what others are saying let them said what they want to said think again


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