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Strike: Unite And Fight With Us – ASUU Begs Nigerian Students

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ASUU wrote:


Soon after the ASUU strike is called-off, have in mind that this pigsty would be the next residential address of an average Nigerian Student.

Didn’t you know that the place you call hostel is just but a rat hole? Did you have to wait to have me show you these pictures for you to admit that the school hostels are just but a dung park?

We haven’t even talked about the classrooms which we prided about some months ago untill COVID-19 came to expose how pedestrian and analogous our classrooms are.

All of these arguments regarding how delapidated the facilities in our universities are were brought afore some 10 years ago. The Federal Government appended it’s signature to a truce that it was going to consistently fund the universities untill they wear the expected shape.

Along the line, the Federal Government reneged from keeping with an agreement it signed in good fate.

What else could be more irresponsible and unfortunate than the fact that a party to an agreement (in this case, the Federal Government) chikened away from an agreement it signed, passing the buck to God knows who with volumes of unfounded excuses?

Tertiary Education system in Nigeria is cascading in a very rapid proportion. We don’t all have to stand akimbo and watch the ivory tower cave in to the jeer and excitement of the enemies. Someone must speak up and even so, show some level of interest by demanding that the right things should be done.

Millions of Dollars are being looted and embezzled by greedy and uncouth politicians thro RUGA, to NDDC, to NNPC, etc. They care less about what the classroom looks like. Do they even have their children in your ‘local’ school? Of course not.

The children of politicians are in the choicest of schools in foreign universities which is why when complains are ripping the air regarding the decadence in our ivory tower, they’ll mum-up in a conspiratorial symphony.

Here and at home, ASUU has taken up the responsibility of defending an education system which has more enemies than one. ASUU had stood and is still standing in defence of common good and social justice, to give room for the children of the poor, the rich, high and low to have equal access to university education.

Let’s get this point clear. Education is one of the three critical sectors in the society including security and health. Anyone who scratches his ass, goes to the media to tell you that the education sector survives on IGR (school fees) is fundamentally primitive, provincial and unexposed.

The Education, Health and Security sectors are non-revenue-generating sectors. Anyone who parades the sentiments that these three sectors are revenue-generating is a dissapointment and needs to be properly schooled.

Well, you don’t expect much from one who is deeply ignorant of the operations and workings in a university and has chosen to share some thoughts from the pool of his ignorance.

Top class universities in the world do not survive on school fees. They survive on funding from their proprietors, grants from partners and donations from philanthropists.

There’s no where in the world where the university capitulates it’s school fees to run itself. Universities are not self-surviving. They are being funded by those who own them. Prove me wrong if you have a superior logic.

The government doesn’t value education which is why it doesn’t find it interesting funding that sector. It is a very sad and disappointing narrative to be told of present leaders.

ASUU is the last line of defence for our University Education in Nigeria. Should ASUU be brought down (God forbid) the university would look like that primary school in your community where students sit under guava tree for classes.

Its time for Nigerian students to anchor-up in support with ASUU. If the students would rise to challenge the Federal and State Governments to stand up to their responsibilities, we would have built a collagiate collaboration and an indomitable fortress that can stand to remedy the situation in our Universities.

United, we stand. Divided, we crawl, stoop and beg.

Emmanuel Shebbs

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