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Strike Update: ASUU Goes Cold, Might Call off Action Soon

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ASUU, Public Universities, Nigeria FG, and Strike Action

How the public is getting it wrong when it comes to ASUU especially the current struggle via the unfortunate and unavoidable strike action. I’ve listened to and read how people argue and posit that lecturers are selfish or insensitive to the plight of students.

To such people I will say this: check the demands, or the list of issues presented for this strike. which one is aimed at benefitting the lecturers or the union as you prefer to think?

Here’s an illustration, is like saying a driver should continue a journey with a bad vehicle destined to crash so as to show sympathy for the passengers plights of getting to their respective destinations.

Avoiding accident by insisting that the vehicle owner must put some things in shape to guarantee safe trip, is it more in the passengers’ interest or the driver? Millions of students have graduated over the years, mostly half baked if at all baked as a result of poor infrastructure and learning facilities. The question is, where have these graduates been able to make out of their lives if not ending frustrated.

What is worth doing is worth doing well.
Over half of graduates end up spending at least ten years after graduation without turning their poor education into anything useful to them, this is largely because we have a fundamental system of irresponsible funding and neglect. With bad tires, we can’t go anywhere if we don’t change it.

Get to know more of what we call government in this country and stop blaming men and women of conscience trying to get government to do the right thing.

A comrade also argued that, while the Union is fighting a just cause, it doesn’t appear capable of galvanizing itself to compel government and stakeholders to do the right thing thereby ending the long cat and dog frenzy.

To the above, this is my take.
For the sake of argument, let me agree with you over the claim of the union being a shadow of itself. That someone has limited chance of succeeding in pursuit of a just cause, should it translate to abandoning the cause?

The union minus its bag eggs may not succeed in this fight to rebuilding the university system in Nigeria, but posterity will remember that it stood for what is right even when everyone prefer to keep quiet or do nothing.

Parents and students and the entire Nigeria public should be carrying the cross that ASUU is carrying right now. A dying man as you may refer to ASUU still has the responsibility of saying and standing by the truth because he has observed in good conscience the humans are accountable to almighty God and not governments. What will posterity say of our contribution to humanity if we all look to do what’s easy and convenient?

ASUU’s demand and struggle is really ours, students, parents, the general Nigerian population. If our public universities is allowed to be strangled to death much like what we have of primary and secondary schools that no ordinary middle class citizen is willing to have their kids trained in, our eyes will be opened to the reality of our misfortune and alas, it will be to late to cry when the head is already cut off.

A young comrade earlier ask me why this struggle cannot be done while we have our schools open?

I laugh, there are a lot of failed negotiations that goes on with the Federal government before such unfortunate and unavoidable strike option.

When you’re not taking seriously at the negotiation table, you have no choice but to withdraw your service so that everyone will understand the seriousness of the matter.
If a man is willing to endure even hunger and starvation as university lecturers are currently doing, you should know that it goes beyond keeping school opened or closed. You’ve got to fight for something that can last for posterity.

It’s unfortunate that what appears to be the biggest weapon that is always reluctantly drawn out, strike action has now become ineffective as far as driving home the yearnings of the union. I’m sure it’s not difficult to agree with that reality.

we will keep pressing, believing some day, some almighty powers may swing in our favour to the betterment of our Universities.


A. A. Habila, FULafia

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