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Steps to Register Your Business With Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)

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Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Registration: Do you have a business or a company and you want to register it or make it an official entity?  Do you want to make your business or company name legally registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)?

CAC registration now made easy for you in this article as we bring to you the guidelines and registration Procedures to register your business or company successful with Corporate Affairs Commission – CAC  and get your CAC Certificate Registration immediately.

This post is specifically for Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) account Registration, how to create account to register your business or Company in Nigeria and sign up portal will be provided here at the end of this article.

CAC Business/ Company Registration Requirements

  1. The most important requirement for CAC registration is your Company or business or corporative name. For example “Joecrack Concept Ltd
  2. Means of identification
  3. For Company, get ready your bye-laws, board of directors for the company (signatories of the company)

How to Register your Business or Company with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)

  1. First get your own Company or business name
  2. Search if your Company or business is available for reserving  by visiting
  3. If the name is available, Sign Up/create an account with valid email address and phone number.

How to Sign up / Create an Account on CAC Registration Portal

To create an account or signup, visit:

WARNING: Create account with your accreditation details to link both accounts. Ensure the email address entered in this form is the email address you registered with at the Commission. If this has changed, kindly visit any CAC branch to update your accreditation details.

After signing up, continue with the steps below;

  1. Make payment for the reservation of business/company name
  2. Make payment for your business/company
  3. Next prepare the MOA
  4. Now you can fill the Pre-Registration Form via CAC Portal
  5. But you need to pay the Stamp Duty and Filling Fee
  6. Now you have made the payment, next prepare the Scanned Copy of Your Documents
  7. Finally, Submit the Original Documents
  8. Print out your documents, sign and upload with other document.

You will be notified via email on the status of your application is approved, ensure you go and collect your CAC certificate with you Tax Identification Number.

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