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Just In: ASUU Releases Latest Update on Strike Action – Oct 19th

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ASUU wrote :


FG-ASUU Conciliatory Meeting and matters arising….

20 billion naira in January 2021 as revitalization fund for all the over 74 Federal and State universities? That sounds like a joke. Before the end of the strike, there should be a realistic blueprint on how the 1.1 trillion naira revitalization fund will be sourced and released.

On EAA, the congress at the branches should not accept anything less than the overdue 40 billion naira and it should be paid before the suspension of the strike. Meanwhile, 2021 budget is already submitted to NASS. Mainstreaming of the EAA into the annual budget should be done before the suspension of the strike.

The Government team revealed that the Renegotiating Team will be reconstituted on or before 31st October, 2020 and the renegotiation will be concluded on or before 31st December, 2020. We are not in a rush to resume. We’ll wait for the reconstitution of the team and the conclusion of the renegotiation before going back to work. It is time to end ridiculous pay for Nigerian Academics. Our pay must rise.

On the payment of the withheld salaries and subsequent salaries before UTAS is ready for implementation, that should not be a problem since GIFMIS is still there to be used.

Dear congress men and some, the offers are shrouded with insincerity, deception, and desperation. We ain’t desperate. Accepting the offers from FG in its present form is preparing for another strike action in 2021 which is not healthy for the university. Comrades in the struggle to save Nigerian public universities from the planned collapse, you are aware that ASUU NEC will only work on the collective decisions from the Branches. Make your voice to be heard at the congress meeting. This is the time to get it right so that there won’t be any need for a strike action in 2021 or any time soon. Best wishes in your respective congress meetings.

Our public universities must survive….

Abdelghaffar Amoka

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4 Comments on Just In: ASUU Releases Latest Update on Strike Action – Oct 19th

  1. So what are they saying,are we resuming this year or not


  2. What goes around comes around let the strike continue till educational system is brought to a halt. Then all parties concerned names will be written on a platter of gold then comes the judgement of God


  3. James Onyeashie // __ October 19, 2020 at 2:01 PM // Reply

    This current political administration in Nigeria appear s to be in a lot of troubles. It appears that after the insane looting of Nigeria’s Commonwealth, nothing is left to steer the ship of State in any clear direction. Sad.


  4. So when are we resuming now


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