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#EndSARS: Nnamdi Kanu Gives New Rules As Protests Resumes Today

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  1. Today the 26th of October 2020 is Clean-up Day and after that peaceful Protests across Nigeria must CONTINUE. We expect disaffected youths in Kaduna & Yobe states to join the revolution today.
  2. Clean up all the mess on our roads and drainages and make PROTESTS as peaceful as possible. No marching on the streets. Congregate in one place and prepare to repel enemies of the revolution.

  3. As we protest, if you are caught looting or damaging properties of a fellow Nigerian (who is suffering like you are), you will be dealt with on the spot.

  4. Stop breaking Banks and other institutions that has no hand in your suffering.

  5. Stop turning the Revolution into robbery spree. The international community is watching and your news is everywhere.

  6. The PROTEST must wear a peaceful face. Gather yourselves together at a designated place the way you started.

  7. Don’t attack anybody, be it security or civilian, unless they attack you first. If a shot is fired at protesters, destroy every property belonging to Abuja based politicians, burn down every police station and army barracks.

  8. Attack back if any security ATTACKS you. Don’t spare them, attack back. If they shoot at you, attack them, pursue them to their bases and raze every structure to the ground.

  9. If they give us peace we give them peace, if they start their usual indiscriminate slaughter of the innocent, destroy the Government House in that state, capture the governor and treat him like the animal he is.

~Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, 25th Oct 2020

#wemove ✊❤

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