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Oyigbo Invasion: Pictures of Victims Begins To Emerge Online

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“What is happening in Oyigbo?” This is the question that has been on the lips of millions of Nigerians for some days now.

Just some days ago, we saw how the youth took the entire country by storm and demonstrated a kind of resilience that has never before been seen in them. All over the country, the youths spilt into the streets with placards chanting for an end to police brutality and bad governance in the country.

It was all good until the protest was hijacked by hoodlums, and carnage was unleashed on the peaceful protesters and the entire country. And the massacre that took place at Lekki Toll Gate on the night of October 20th came like an anchor on the boat of the protest. With the entire country now clamouring for justice for those who were allegedly massacred at Lekki Toll Gate that night, we all thought that is the only justice to be worried about in the aftermath of the protest, but with the news coming in from Oyigbo in these past days, it now seems there are more to be worried about.

In the past couple of days, Oyigbo in Rivers State has been trending. Tales of bloodshed and carnage from the community have continued to flood social media. Videos and photos of butchered people have inundated cyberspace, but the sad thing is that nobody truly knows what is going on there.

Reports from there have it that the community has been under 24 hours curfew for ten days now, and the residents have been lamenting about their inability to go out and get food or trade, and now they are left at the mercy of the military stationed at every corner of the community shooting sporadically at the residents.

The problem is that nobody knows what is really going on as the media is not reporting it, so we are left at the mercy of the reports we glean from social media from those who are based there or have a holistic knowledge of what is happening there.

From reports gotten from online sources, it is said that in the heat of the #EndSARS protest, the IPOB members in Oyigbo had launched an attack on the Hausa people in the community, and even went as far as hoisting the supposed Biafra flag. So Governor Nyesom Wike did not find this funny, so he sent the military to the community to crack down on the suspected members of the proscribed IPOB group. And the idea of the military clamping down on the IPOB members translated into a massacre of people including the innocent people in the community.

Below are some comments from people regarding what is going on in Oyigbo:

We keep seeing photos and videos of dead people in the community without being able to identify them or know how they were killed, because getting the identity of the slain people will play a major role in seeking justice for them and understanding what is really happening in the community.

As we try to uncover the truths behind what is really going on in Oyigbo and know the people that have been massacred so far, some people have shared photos of their loved ones that have killed in the massacre to confirm that lives are truly being lost in their community in large numbers. And below are photos of two handsome young men that were allegedly massacred there. The photos were shared by their loved ones, and I hope the government will use these photos as evidence to know what is truly going on in Oyigbo.

Yesterday, a lady identified as Onyiyeze on Twitter uploaded a photo of a young man whom she said was her brother. She was in tears as she recounted how her brother was killed in Oyigbo three days ago. She said that they are killing and shooting people at Oyigbo with reckless abandon.

Below is the tweet she made.

Below is the photo of her brother that was allegedly killed:

Another person known as UzzyEfizzy uploaded a photo of another young man that was allegedly killed in Oyigbo. He said the guy was not rioting, but he was shot dead. He lamented that the only crime the dead guy committed was being a young man in Nigeria. He said the guy was named Excellent, and wished his soul eternal peace

See full photo of Excellent:

This is quite sad indeed, because these are young men that looked very promising, and being killed in such unfortunate circumstances should trigger some questions? Are the Igbos really being massacred in Oyigbo? What exactly is going on in Oyigbo?

Even as we wish the souls of these young men eternal rest, we need to start asking the right questions and taking the right steps before this thing gets out of hand. The federal government and the international community need to step into this immediately to stop the madness that is going on in Oyigbo.

Please drop some condolence messages for these dead young men. Also, like and share this article so that more people will know what is going on in Oyigbo.

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