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Buhari: Nnamdi Kanu Trolls Eastern Traditional Rulers over Exclusion From ‘High Table’ Meeting

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Nnamdi Kanu mocks Igbo Traditional Rulers as none could Make the high table

The Leader of Indigenous People Of Biafra IPOB has mocked Igbo Traditional Leader for not making the High table at the meeting with “Acting President of Nigeria” (Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari) who he said is Yusuf Abubakar Mohammed.

Nnamdi Kanu berated the Igbo Leader saying “All they know is to gossip and yap as Fulani is busy grinding their useless mouths in the dust.”

Nnamdi Kanu in a Post Said:

“To the right of Yusuf Abubakar Mohammed the Acting President of the #Zoo is the Ooni of Ife, to his left is the Sultan of Sokoto. No Amainagbo, no Igwe or Eze at the high table.”

“Dumb fools from the East. All they know is to gossip and yap as Fulani is busy grinding their useless mouths in the dust. Their interest they can’t fight for but when it comes to agitation for our freedom they will be running their mouth like Ukpotoro. Morons!”

“Among prominent monarchs in attendance at the high-profile meeting are the Ooni of Ife, Adeyeye Ogunwusi, the Emir of Kano, and Etsu Nupe.”

“Janjaweed slaves in the East over to you. Maybe Efulefus should blame IPOB for this humiliation.”

Also the Biafra leader has also maintained the claim that Nigeria President is being replaced by an Imposter.

“Zoological Republic: Nigeria is a place where common sense is not common. They have eyes but cannot see. No wonder they call evil good and good evil.”

“Nigerians, its called COMMON SENSE FOR A REASON. Use your brains for once. Your so-called president has kpomo ear because he is wearing a rubber mask.. #kpomoear in Aso Rock.”

Buhari ear
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