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#EndSARS: When Government Fears the People, There is Liberty – Nnamdi Kanu

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Nnamdi Kanu Wrote :


Since the white man came to our beloved continent and turned our society and reasoning upside down, every successive generation has lived and died in morbid fear of their own government that is meant to serve them.

Frankly speaking, no African citizen has ever experienced freedom in its truest sense because White Europeans NOT Africans are the ones that created the unnatural colonial and post-colonial enclaves we ignorantly call nations in Africa today, including the greatest #Zoo of them all, Nigeria. An abomination amalgamated by a white British soldier of fortune and named by a drunken white woman.

The frightened and deeply traumatised people we have become in Africa today is as a result of what the European creators determined that our life should be. Africans are not in charge of their lives or destiny. This prevailing racist Eurocentric white supremacist orthodoxy has only been challenged twice in the history of modern Africa. The first time was Biafra, the second being the #EndSARS protest/revolution.

Until a government becomes afraid of the people- a feat only momentarily achieved at the height of the #EndSarsProtests, we all are SLAVES, regardless of your education, status or standing in the society.

We forget that if we die as slaves in Nigeria today, our children automatically become enslaved themselves and so will their children. The time to fight for our collective freedom is now regardless of your tribe, ethnicity or religion.

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