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Oduduwa Nation: Yoruba Group Moves to Reclaim Kogi, Kwara States, Nnamdi Kanu Reacts

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Nnamdi Kanu Wrote :


“Next Yoruba nation peaceful rally 1st week of December 2020 infront of our royal fathers palace in Southwest —Kogi state, Ekiti state, Ondo state, Kwara state, Osun state, Oyo state, Ogun state, Lagos state,” said the separatist group

Wike and the irredeemable Efulefu brigade did you read that? Yes! Kwara and Kogi. Did any of you condemned souls notice that the governors of Kwara and Kogi have not invited Fulani Janjaweed army to start killing Oduduwa agitators or mouthing any garbage like Yoruba in Kogi is not the same as Yoruba in Ekiti as Wike did. Ndi iberibe.

You won’t even hear those evil and hypocritical Yoruba journalists saying, “leave Kogi and Kwara out of your agitation for Oduduwa” but the same journalists for hire will be writing their usual nonsense about #obigbo. I hope they learn from the commendable work Oduduwa agitators are doing in trying to unify the Yoruba speaking groups in Nigeria.

I am a 100% supporter of Oduduwa Republic comprising of ethnic Yoruba populations in Kogi and Kwara. We Biafrans are not as evil and vindictive as some Yoruba newspapers and those shamelessly foolish morons in Ohaneze.

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