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Spotlight: When Twin Brothers Marries Twin Sisters

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The pictures of twin couples have gone viral online as many marvelled at the fact that they married people who are like them.

In a series of photos that were shared by Instagram handle northern_habiscuss, the twin brothers and twin sisters could be seen posing in their colourful garments.

It is cuteness overload as the new couples smiled for the camera. Their photos could even serve as materials for people who are in lack of traditional styles to sew.

Photos of the couples are really amazing and classy. Photo source: nothern_hibiscuss
Source: Instagram

In one of their photos, the twin couples paired up and held each other as the ladies locked eyes with their men in a lovely way.

natures_sleek1 said:

“This is sooo adorable. I will make sure to keep all the crazy thoughts in my head. Hope they will not be staying in the same house? Before we accidentally start hugging each other mistakingly.”

tween_scents said:

“Masha Allah. I once saw a picture of twins dat got married to twins n both of them gave birth to twins on the same day.”

desserthavenkn said:

“I thought it was a mirror picture didn’t look well. Masha Allah.”

i.m_lawan said:

“My Cousin brothers!! thanks so much malama. Yan Aji let’s include them in our prayers.”

belle_jmk said:

“I hope there wouldn’t be confusion somewhere.”

The marriage took place in Enugu state. Pictures of the wedding surfaced on the internet on Sunday, June 7, as the name of the brothers were given as Kenechukwu, Chinedu, and Chukwuebuka.

The sisters’ names are Okwuoma, Dumalu and Chinwe. It was gathered that the wedding ceremony which occurred on the same day was attended by close family members and friends.


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