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Nnamdi Kanu’s Media Aide, Amaka Ekwo Resigns

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A top servant of Indigenous People Of Biafra (POB), Amaka Ekwo has officially resigned for the best reason known to her.

Recall, reports revealed that Kanu made Ekwo’s appointment of IPOB New Media & Special Duties Coordinator and Press Secretary in a post on the micro-blogging site, Twitter on Monday, July 22.

On Saturday, Amaka Ekwo vehemently tendered her resignation letter publicly.

She wrote: “Fellow IPOB activists,

I thank you for the love and support you gave me for many years.

I’m no longer the IPOB New Media & Special Duties Coordinator and Press Secretary to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the IPOB leader.

Please direct all enquiries relating to my former posts to the appropriate departments.

Once again, thanks for your support.”

Barely twenty four(24) hours of resigning, Amaka cried out in a recent post on her Facebook page, saying she has been accused of being sacked from the group. Amaka outrightly debunked the claims that she was sacked and didn’t resign. This has raised so many concern and reactions under her update on the latest development. Being the former active Press secretary to the leader of IPOB, many thinks she left the office under accusation or was dropped which might not be true.

However, Amaka made it known to the public after much pressure that she resigned, because serving in the group is voluntary. She further noted that many who served just like her in the group invested their time and money into the struggle for Biafra.

She wrote: “Fellow IPOB activists,

It has come to attention that some people are writing all sorts of nonsense on Whatsapp forums.

They are saying that I was sacked from my former posts in IPOB.

Please note that it’s false information.

I was not sacked but, I resigned.

To serve in IPOB is voluntary, and many principal officers like I was put time and money into the struggle.

To me, serving IPOB as a principal officer was charity work, my reward comes from GOD.

Please stop the character assassination and gossips.”

Confirming further, see reaction and comment on her Facebook post;


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