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Insecurity: Dubai Bans Visa To 13 Muslim Countries

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE), also known as Dubai, has stopped issuing visas to 13 countries, mostly Muslims, from now on, according to a statement released.

The document has been sent to all companies and parks to effect the law.

The UAE did not say why the law was enacted.

Here is the list of countries:

1. Iran

2. Turkey

3. Syria

4. Somalia

5. Afghanistan

6. Libya

7. Algeria

8. Kenya

9. Iraq

10. Lebanon

11. Pakistan

12. Tunisia

13. Kenya

Authorities have not yet commented on the matter.

It was earlier reported that in an effort to boost its economy and society, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has amended some of the country’s Islamic law, now allowing alcohol.

The country’s reform comes at a time when it continues to attract tourists, especially from the Western countries.

The UAE believes that this will boost its economy and show the world that it is a liberal, transformative and modern country.

The move follows a historic agreement reached by the country to restore ties between the UAE and Israel, which is also expected to increase the number of tourists and investors.


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1 Comment on Insecurity: Dubai Bans Visa To 13 Muslim Countries

  1. Dominic Chima Ntodonke // __ November 26, 2020 at 10:55 PM // Reply

    Countries that sees Mighty Holy Jacob (the Israelites) as Enemy of Muslims of Arabia.

    The Days of the Lord God of Israel is getting very closer.


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