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Insecurity: Military Hardware for Terrorists Are Used on Innocent Civilians – Nnamdi Kanu

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Nnamdi Kanu Wrote:


THE pertinent question I expect the US, UK, EU and UN to ask LAI Mohammed, this morning is this:

What did you do with the arms and ammunition we gave you to fight BOKO HARAM with since 2015?

How come a tiny, impoverished country like Chad can deal more decisively with Fulani terror groups like BH, ISWAP & Fulani bandits etc, more than you a so-called ‘giant’ of Africa?

I know as the natural born liar that you are, you Lai Mohammed, is incapable of honestly answering these questions but I will help you. The world needs to know how and where you have been wasting army personnel man hours, bullets and arms you should have been using to fight Boko Haram and the myriad of terror groups you demons in APC created in your devilish quest to make Nigeria the natural home of wandering Fula tribes across Africa.

Here are a few headlines:


*Operation Python Dance: The Whole of Abia State is now a War Front. Please see video 👉






* Operation Crocodile Smile 1, 2, 3, 4


….just to name but a few.

If the frequency and ferocity of Nigerian Army invasions of #Obigbo, #Afaraukwu my hometown and countless other attacks on my community and that of Sheikh El-Zakzagi; brutal crackdowns on peaceful protesters across Nigeria, coupled with unending meaningless and murderous military exercises in peaceful south, is replicated in Borno State, incidents such as the Zabarmari massacre would not have happened. Its a case of misplaced priorities.

Nigeria is using guns and ammunitions meant for Boko Haram to kill innocent civilians instead. Any bullet you give to the Nigerian Army as presently constituted, will end up in the body of an innocent victim of state brutality and not that of a terrorist. If the US or EU wants to fight Boko Haram, they should deploy their forces as they did in Afghanistan, otherwise they become unwitting accomplices to mass murders taking place across Nigeria at this moment by the Nigerian Army.

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