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Nnamdi Kanu Officially Launch Eastern Security Network

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The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have today been December 12, 2020 launched a Security Network that will see day to day security business in Biafra land. In a live video address to the world on his official Facebook page(Mazi Nnamdi Kanu) with over 365,000 followers he made this declaration. He said their sole duty is to safeguard Forest, bushes and farms across the Eastern states which comprises of South South and South East to eradicate all the terrorists vagabonds from Niger, Chad, Lybia, Mali as the Federal Government once said when they defended Miyetti Allah and exonerated them from the killings been carried out by Herdsmen.

He furthermore made it clear on the importance to set up this security network, in his address, he faulted the Governors of the states in SS and SE of failing to live up to their primary responsibility which is to protect every life and property of their citizens. He compared Eastern Security Network to Western Security Network in the west otherwise known as Amotekun, and the security outfits in the north known as Hisbah, and the vigilante group set up by Miyetti Allah. He said since the South East and South South governors are so weak and same time idiotic to come together and secure their land, that it is of utmost importance that IPOB, do it because it is their land.

He made a clarification on this development, stating that they are only “watch guard” and security outfit and not Biafra Armies. He said the fact that it was created by IPOB was because they want to defend their land and not to wage any form of war to secede. He said Biafra will come with the overwhelming support of the people via a proper monitored Referendum at the due time, but before then Biafra land which comprises the South East and South South must be defended and that’s the duty of Eastern Security Network.

He further stated that, they never went through state house of assemblies in the states like that of Amotekun because the Governors are compromised, cowards who only take order from Sokoto caliphate before they act, that they are not bold enough like the west who defied every law and put their land first. He warned any state governor who may want to go against this network because they will be dealt with, he also warned them to stop ceding their land to the Fulanis. He said he is not against them rearing cattle but they should rent houses and shops to do their businesses as other tribes do elsewhere and they should stop sleeping in our bushes, rearing their cattles and destroying farm products of their host communities, and still rape our women in the farms and ending up killing them afterwards.

Eastern Security Network will handle every security problem in our land, stop kidnapping, stop the destruction of our properties and safeguard the lives of our citizens he stated. We are not declaring war for secession, we are only exercising our Civic responsibility to Self defense, he stated. He urged everyone to support this Security Outfit.

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