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Just In: Nnamdi Kanu Attacks Ango Abdullahi Over Calls for Restructuring

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Nnamdi Kanu Wrote:

Somebody should remind this Janjaweed agent of British neo-colonialist rule in the Zoo #Nigeria of what Prophet Joshua Ingila said a few years ago. The time for a negotiated settlement to the problems bedeviling the #Zoo has come and gone.

You Arewa Sharia north had ample opportunities in the past to renegotiate your British created contraption but you repeatedly said NO because you had civilian killing terrorists in uniform called Nigerian Army behind you. Now that original indigenous populations led by IPOB have said enough is enough, you are coming up with this nonsensical restructuring. I say this to you and your handlers, TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE!

That same guns you northern criminal elements have always relied upon to intimidate other tribes into submission, we all now have.

When Prophet Ingila said “dialogue now” you morons from the Sahel should have listened. Right now its referendum for independence or burst.

Chineke kpo unu nile oku!

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