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Igbo Presidency: There Might Be No Nigeria in 2023 – Anenih

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Ex-Aviation Minister of the first and second republic of Nigeria, Chief Mbazuluike Amechi, former Women Affairs Minister Iyom Josephine Anenih and a host of other Nigerians at home and in the diaspora have unanimously endorsed the global movement for Igbo presidency in 2023.

They concurred at the world press conference held at Chief Mbazuluike’s country home Ukpor Nnewi-South local government area of Anambra state that the need for a Nigerian president of southeast extraction was long over due and equity demands that it was the turn of the southeast geo-political zone to produce the next president.

The Ex-Aviation Minister and elder statesman who gave his full backing to the quest for an igbo president come 2023, said Ndigbo must form a united front devoid of sabotage, if they must actualise the Igbo presidency project. He said it was a noble cause as well as achievable but there must be unity of purpose amongst Ndigbo.

During her speech, the former Women Affairs Minister Iyom Josephine Anenih observed that Ndigbo seemed to have brought up the rear in the political history of the country.She said Ndigbo were more patriotic and believe very strongly in one Nigeria because of their industry and proficiency for economic development wherever they are across the country.

Anenih also observed that the southeast region has been disenfranchised from the presidency for too long and that it would only be in tandem with equity, natural justice and good conscience, if a Nigerian president of southeast extraction emerged in 2023.

She explained that she was part of the global movement for Igbo president because of the intentions of some non-igbo Nigerians whom she said were intrepid enough to boldly speak up that the southeast geo-political zone must believe that they are part and parcel of the Nigerian federation.

The ex-Women Affairs Minister maintained that only the Igbo man truly believes in Nigeria and that in spite of provocations, he still believes in one Nigeria. She said Ndigbo wants a Nigerian president of southeast extraction and that they were consulting widely to ensure that an Igbo man becomes the next Nigerian president; that anything on the contrary, there maybe no Nigeria in 2023.

The social crusader and convener of the Global Movement for Igbo Presidency, comrade Eddy Iyere said there was no going back in the demand for an igbo president in 2023. He said the die is cast and every lawful means would be deployed to champion the cause for Igbo presidency come 2023, where every Nigerian child would be given hope for a better and brighter future.

Other speakers who contributed to the discussion on the Igbo presidency project, established that other geo-political zones of the country have had their fair share of the presidency and that it is unarguably the turn of the southeast region to ascend the presidency to change the narratives.


A governorship hopeful, Mr. Valentine Ozigbo, who was part of the solidarity world press conference, said equity demands that an Igbo man of the southeast region should be the next Nigerian president.

Ozigbo also advised that unity of purpose was non-negotiable for such laudable project to succeed but emphasized that what was most paramount was that Ndigbo should eschew all forms of sabotage and impediments that may cause a cog in the wheels of the Igbo presidency project in 2023.


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