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Kidnappers are Using New Strategy To Abduct pupils In Oyo State, Government Warns Residents, Reveals kidnappers Tactic=

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The state government stated this in a circular with reference number: EDU 215 T18/166, from the Office of the Permanent Secretary, Oyo State Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, dated 27 October, 2021

The circular was addressed to the state chairmen of TESCOM (Teaching Service Commission), SUBEB (State Universal Basic Education Board), Executive Secretary, BOTAVED (Board for Technical and Vocational Education), zonal and local inspectors of education, all principals and headteachers of public and private schools, all private school owners and parents in the state.

According to the circular, it is a new method adopted by kidnappers to abduct children.

He, therefore, urged parents to sensitise and warn their children and wards to be security conscious by rejecting free rides from strangers.

THE CIRCULAR signed by the Permanent Secretary, Mrs. A. B. Atere, was titled “Need To Be Security Conscious And Reject Free Rides Offered By Strangers”.

The state government said” the warning became necessary following a security report on the new method adopted by kidnappers, wearing school uniforms similar to that of the schoolchildren in their vehicle(s) and they would offer to help unsuspecting schoolchildren to their schools”.

It further stated that, once the innocent pupils enter the vehicle(s) of the kidnappers, they zoom off to unknown destination(s).


“According to the information, the kidnappers wear a similar uniform as the child(ren) in their car and offer to help unsuspecting schoolchildren to their school. Once the innocent children enter the vehicle, they zoom off to an unknown destination.

Consequent upon the above, all stakeholders are enjoined to sensitise/warn their wards or children under their care on the need to be security-conscious and reject free rides offered by strangers.”


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